Building a New Home

Should You Build a New Home?

If you can’t find your dream home on the market or if you want to create a home that’s uniquely yours, you might consider building a house. Buyers who decided to build new homes were more likely to say that selecting the floor plan, having everything in the home be brand-new and customizing their home features were among their top reasons. Before deciding if new construction is for you, check out the following information:

1. 6 Things You Should Know About Builder Contracts

2. Builder Upgrades to Take a Pass On

3. 6 reasons you need a Buyer’s Agent when Building a Home

Before you start visiting builders and models, we suggest you talk with your Realtor first. There are so many reasons to have a Realtor on your side when working with a builder. Almost all Central Ohio Builders co-operate with Buyer’s Agents and pay their commission BUT they require that you let them know at the very first meeting that you are represented by a Realtor and provide them the Realtor’s information. Or better yet – talk with your Realtor first and have them make the initial contact with the builder’s representative. The builder’s representative is usually super nice and super helpful but it is important to note that they represent the Builder not you – your Realtor will be there representing you and your best interest. Contact Us.